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Exporting campaign reports

Carlos Chavez 5 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 4 years ago 9
There should really be a way to export the information from a campaign report to CSV or Excel.  Right now you can only export to a different list which I do  not find very useful.


Start Date and End Date

David Okamoto 4 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 4 years ago 3
It would be nice to queue campaigns to start and stop on particular dates.

Black list numbers (Robinson List)

Andres Gorostidi 6 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 4 years ago 5

Would like to be able to create a "Black List Number",  a special number list that would be checked before doing any call..  If a number is included on this black list,  the number should not be contacted  (because it is a customer that has requested not to be disturbed by marketing calls).

This is known as "Robinson list"   ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robinson_list )


Mail sending upon campaign completion

Rabih R. Bou Orm A. 5 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 4 years ago 4

It would be would great if it would be possible that a Campaign could send an automatic email upon completion.  It could be something like this:

Campaign Name:
Start Time:
End Time: 

Statistics for selected calls

Number of calls:


Total talk length:

1950029 s.

Total wait pre:

2815 s.

Total wait after:

1161183 s.

Total used time:

3114029 s.

Calls per trunk


Call outcomes



Tracking agent activity

WombatHunter 6 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 4 years ago 3

I would like to have a way to see from the Live page which agent is connected to when using an EP of type queue. This would make monitoring easier.


Add StatusExt to the CSV export in Reports

Bruce Reeves 4 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 4 years ago 1
When feeding Wombat extended status information it shows in the web report, but not in the csv. This would be useful as we export the details back to clients.

WombatDialer 0.7.0 released

WombatSupport 6 years ago 0

Version 0.7.0 of WombatDialer was released - see http://blog.wombatdialer.com/ for details. 

We welcome your comments.


Spanish introduction video

WombatSupport 4 years ago 0
We have an introductory video tutorial in Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4hkCmKu5BQ&feature=youtu.be

Campaign scheduling date

Yohai Allouche 3 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 3 years ago 0


from our business needs, and with our experience with different type of campaigns, i would suggest to add schedule parameter to a campaign object. Currently the campaign object has hours and working days, and can have refrance to schedule template which can hold dates.

i think it should be much easier and convenient to switch it:

schedule template define working hours + optional dates

but basic campaign "Active Period" must have date option as well.

the Opening hours rule should provision the campaign date to keep the SYSTEM running as we want. which i think it alredy does.




High capacity dialing

WombatSupport 4 years ago 0
We have an article about large scale dialing with Asterisk and Wombat: http://blog.wombatdialer.com/post/121914898366/power-dialing-its-best