Black list numbers (Robinson List)

Andres Gorostidi 6 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 5 years ago 5

Would like to be able to create a "Black List Number",  a special number list that would be checked before doing any call..  If a number is included on this black list,  the number should not be contacted  (because it is a customer that has requested not to be disturbed by marketing calls).

This is known as "Robinson list"   ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robinson_list )

We had something like that planned. Did not know this was called a Robinson list though.

This is issue #1892 for your tracking. Not sure it will be able to be in the next release cycle though.

I confirm this will be in the next release (0.8)

It is available in the current release (0.7.3) available now for download.