Exporting campaign reports

Carlos Chavez 6 years ago • updated by WombatSupport 5 years ago 9
There should really be a way to export the information from a campaign report to CSV or Excel.  Right now you can only export to a different list which I do  not find very useful.

I confirm we track this as bug #2018. Will be in 0.8. The idea will be exporting (and importing as well) call lists, so that you can run a report, create a list and then export it.

It is available in the current release (0.7.3). The importer uses HTML5 and is really neat.


I think there was a confusion with my request.  What I want is to be able to export the results of a dialed campaign, not just the a new list.  If you go to Campaign Reports and select a dialed campaign, the result set you get on the bottom of the screen is what you should be able to export to CSV.

What Carlos is asking for would it be pretty great. The data marshalls of a call center always want to know the detail of the predictive campaigns and it's too laborious to export a list for each field desired. 

We track this as bug #2070. It is in the works for the next version.

For your info, we have a little workaround - see http://forum.queuemetrics.com/index.php?topic=1775.0

Hi, do you have a relase time estimate for the next version?

We will release a new intermediate version (possibly 0.7.5 or 0.7.6) next week. Apart from a number of significant changes, one of the features that will be available is exporting the detail of sets of runs, call-by-call.
I hope you'll enjoy it :)